Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

Welcome to the official Metro East Billiard League website! Feel free to browse the respective divisions to see our teams and standings. 

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Website last updated: 2-15-18 @ 8:00 pm

2-6-18: Tues B Women: T.J.'s team moved to Kramden's while T.J.'s is remodeling. No change in schedule.

2-1-18: Wed C Metro: Short Stop 2 forfeited out. This becomes a bye.

1-30-18: Mon B Mens: Both T.J.'s teams moved to Kramden's while new owner is remodeling T.J.'s. No change in schedule as you just
make them Kramden's 1 & Kramden's 2 vs T.J.'s 1 & T.J.'s 2.

11-29-17: All MEBL boxes are green with a Metro East Billiard League sticker on them at Hooch's, Ken's, Bridge Inn, Corner Bar, & Town Club.
Any future envelopes dropped in another league box by mistake will result in the -10 point penalty for late sheets as we don't get them back
until the next week. Captains: If you send a player in to drop it off, better make sure they know which box is ours.