Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982
About Us

All about us:

Metro East Billiard League (MEBL) has been running pool leagues since 1982.
From 1982-1987 it was owned and ran by Willie Bloodworth (6 years)
From 1988-2003 it was owned and ran by Wayne & Sonya Tucker (16 years)
From 2004-present it is owned and ran by Steve & Tammy Kidd (14 years and counting)

Each team consists of a roster with a maximum of 10 
players with 5 players shooting each night. The majority of our teams consist of good friends and family getting out for a night having a good time while shooting competively. MEBL is considered to be a league of family and friends. We have some good shooters but aren't interested in having any at a pro level.

COST TO PLAY: It's only a $7 cost to the player each week to play. NO membership dues, no hidden fees anywhere.

SPONSORSHIP: MEBL has a very cheap sponsor fee to enter a team, (only $30), from whichever bar/tavern they choose to shoot out of that is geographically reasonable for traveling by other teams.

BOARD MEMBERS: MEBL's president is Steve Kidd, who handles all financial aspects, sign ups, statistics, and the overall running of the league. MEBL also has 3 board members that offer opinions on situations that might come up during the year, along with the placement of teams into divisions at the beginning of the year, and possible rule changes that the players have shown an interest in voting on for the next year. In the political aspect: you have the president who runs the league and has to make the final decisions and live with it, but he has 3 cabinet members he seeks advice from.

RULE CHANGES: This is a player's league. Each year players bring up suggestions they would like to see different than it currently is. These suggestions are talked over with the board members for possible change for the next session.

WINTER LEAGUE: Usually starts on the first Mon/Tue/Wed of October and runs for 24 weeks. It actually may be 25 or 26 weeks depending on how dates fall on the calendar; we don't shoot Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve or Day, or New Year's Eve or Day. Sign up fliers are put out the first week of August for this, with actual signing up done the first week of September, and you're playing the first week of October.

SUMMER LEAGUE: Everyone always asks about a short summer league for 15 to 18 weeks but it depends on demand each year. A lot of players put their sticks up for the summer and wait for winter. MEBL offers summer league if there are at least enough for a 8 team division for that league.


Coed teams must have exactly a 2-3 or 3-2 ratio of men and women shooting on their team each night. Metro can be any 5 players, man or woman shooting each night. Men's is on Monday nights and Women's league is on Tuesday nights with I270 being the north limit and I64 being the southern limit. A maximum of 14 teams can be placed in a division which is perfect, each team shoots all the other teams twice, once at home, and once away at their bar. Teams are placed in divisions by last year's statistics of their player's averages or their team's final place they were in.

TOURNAMENTS: Unless otherwise posted, all MEBL tournaments are a $10 entry with a 20% match to make it a 120% payout and a plaque to the winner.

CONTACT US: If you have questions about when or how to sign up a team!