Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982
Official Rulebook









Men’s,  Women’s, Coed’s, & Metro

 (All basic playing rules and scoring system the same for all our leagues)

(Except the Coed 3-2 ratio explanation on page 6)



Last updated 09-02-2018                                                               


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Website address:


Facebook: Metro East Billiard League


Phone: 618-210-7324 (Steve)

                                                  618-946-7324 (Tammy)

Mail: P.O. Box 127, East Alton, IL 62024


Call up to 11pm on Mon-Thu. Please, no calls on Fri-Sun!






2018 winter rule changes: (effective 9-2-18)




We added MEBL drop boxes to:

Trackside (100 Joe St, Collinsville) this was needed to reduce travel for all the new teams from Iron Rail, Slo Jo’s, Trackside, and Steffi’s as it just wasn’t fair to make them drive back to Granite for a drop off. We were waiting for more teams in that area before putting one in and we got them, so it was time.

**Deadline for sheets to be turned in has always been 11am the next day after playing.

That is still the same on most drop boxes BUT if using Bridge Inn or Trackside, those boxes will have a 10:30am next day pickup deadline to be turned in and not 11am like the rest.

Future drop boxes: We are gradually adding drop boxes to more areas as they need them. If your bar is already within a 2-3 mile radius of an existing drop box it doesn’t really serve a purpose to add one there. As we take on new bars or teams from other areas with no close proximity of a drop box, we will consider that area for an additional drop box if there is enough teams and thru traffic to justify one for that area.



T. TOURNAMENTS: (**new update 9-2-18)

1. MEBL now does a 30% match to all OPEN singles & OPEN partner tournaments that everyone is eligible to enter. We used to only match 20% to all tournaments, but players thought that was unfair to be excluded from match if they were ineligible to enter a new winner tourney or valentine tourney so those tournies will be unmatched. It will work out to MEBL matching more money overall with the 30% match to the open events.

2. On open singles tournies there will be a “Top Female” finishing position paid if no woman reaches the traditional payout and there are a minimum of 5 females that enter that tournament. We no longer offer a separate womens tournament due to lack of participation so all singles tournies are OPEN events now.



Note from MEBL: Honestly, I don’t believe I have EVER SEEN 100% satisfaction out of the players for any tournament ran by any bar or pool hall in the entire nation. MEBL tries it’s best to listen to what OUR LEAGUE players want and implement any changes that would benefit the most players. We really hated to delete the women’s tourney from our lineup of events, but their participation was just not enough to keep doing it. It’s hard to have a tourney for over 300 eligible female players when just 20 something show up to play. We created the “New Winner” tournament a few years ago to give the lower division players a chance to “get their feet wet” in tournament action without running into the top dogs. I do think it was a huge success as they enjoy it and we will keep it going but I do understand the complaints that were coming in about how it wasn’t fair to match money to something that all players aren’t eligible to enter so that part was tweaked.






Good sportsmanship is required in MEBL as in any other sport. Complaints against you can lead to a loss of points for that night, suspension, or being banned as a player depending on severity and/or number of occurrences. Physical contact issues are an automatic suspension. Verbal abuse of other players, disrupting the league with constant arguing and disagreeing of league rules, any form of what is viewed by MEBL as cheating, constantly spreading of slander, drama, and false rumors about other players, bar owners, or league management will be at the discretion of the league operator to do what is best for the league. MEBL works hard to represent the bar owners, captains, and players all equally and fairly to make pool league a fun and competitive sport. Sportsmanship and respect to all parties involved is a necessity to make that happen.


1. All players in this league must be 21 years old or older. If a team is caught playing a player under a different name or is underage, that player will lose their points for all 3 games. If other team knowingly allows this to happen they could be penalized also. A photo ID may be asked for to verify age or name of player. If they can’t show ID to prove it, they can’t play.

2. A team is allowed 10 active players on their roster at any one time. If you add a new player after that you must remove a player by writing on bottom of score sheet which player you want to drop. You can add a dropped player back on the roster with MEBL approval. Once a player has played for a team they can not switch teams that session without MEBL approval. MEBL can authorize any adjustment to any roster at any time if it feels it is in the best interest of a team or the league. No new players after week 10 of summer or week 15 of winter sessions. SURVIVAL RULE: After the cutoff for new players, you may add a new player but will cost your team a 10 point penalty. This must be approved by MEBL.

3. If you are a solid “A” division player, make sure you find an “A” division team to play on.

If a player is not on your original roster turned in at sign up, you should call and see if it is ok to add that player to your team. This is mostly for B, C, & D divisions. MEBL will not allow you to turn in a roster of mediocre players and get placed in a lower division then add “A” players to your team that weren’t on your original roster, this could result in a penalty or not allowing this player on your team. MEBL reserves the right to not allow or restrict certain players in the league if they are considered pro status.

4. There is no rule or mandate by MEBL about your bar giving team drinks or T-shirts, that is up to the bar and not us. MEBL’s only requirement is that home team sure away team has adequate seating.

5. Teams must use same cue ball during league play as the away team was allowed to practice with. Any legal regulation or house ball is ok, but no novelty balls. Away team should be allowed from 6:30-7:00 for team practice. If they are late for their team practice time, it’s totally up to the home team to allow them extra time or go ahead and start league on time at 7pm.

6a. Breaking/Racking: Opponent will rack. If breaker feels rack is not centered, on the spot, or loose, they can request opponent to re-rack. On the break, 4 object balls must contact a rail to be a legal break and you must hit any ball in the rack first before cue ball goes off a rail. Failure to do so is a re-rack, same player will rebreak. If a legal break hasn’t been made on 3rd attempt, other player will break.

6b. The 8 ball must be in the center when you rack.

6c. Break rotation:  1st round: Visiting team breaks   2nd round: Home team breaks, 3rd round: 1st 2 players flip a coin for the break (Home player flips, Visitor calls it). Winner of the coin flip chooses to break or rack first game, remaining players rotate.

6d. If table is not open, players must split quarters for the 15 league games.

7. League play is played by a 5 person rotation, not shooting all 3 in a row unless both captains agree to it. If other captain or player doesn’t want to, they don’t have to, get another player to shoot or get a 0 for each game missed. You have 10 roster spots available, use them.

8. MEBL reserves the right to switch captains on any team if there are issues with that captain as far as being accountable for the teams money, getting weekly envelope in on time every week, has sat out most the year, another player has played captain most the year and signed sheets, etc. The listed captain on record is always listed as the top player of the standings sheet.

9. A player can not use or wear ear/head phones, ipods, Bluetooth phones, cell phone, etc… while shooting a league match. This avoids any unauthorized coaching through electronics and the player can hear opponent if they dispute a foul before they take the next shot and it becomes too late.


10. Player must keep a minimum of one foot on floor when taking shot.
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1. The player must request they want a coach. No coaching from table or audience.

2. Only the ONE selected coach from that teams roster can come to table to offer advice.

3. Neither player nor coach can touch table, chalk, balls, bridge, or anything at table while being coached. It is for advice only not to place the cue ball, put chalk on a special spot on rail, or to line up shot with stick. Keep your stick off table while being coached and no pointing at any ball or any area on table.

4. After coaching is done, coach must leave table area before player shoots, unless they are asked to watch a close hit.

5. ONE coach per game limit.

6. Time limit: A 1 minute 30 second time limit on any one coaching. If opponent feels the need to keep time on this: At the 1 minute mark, tell your opponent “ONE MINUTE” and then at the 1:30 mark, tell them coach is over. Be respectful. This limit was forced upon us because of rude people holding up game or stalling by taking 5-10 minutes for coaching making the match last far longer than it should have. That won’t happen any more.

7. If MEBL feels you are testing the limit on ANY part of the coaching limitations or rules, MEBL may penalize you with a ball in hand, refer to any part of sportsmanship rules, or suspend any more coaching for remainder of match.

8. Any player on team can tell their shooter which group of balls they have (stripes or solids), tell them they have ball in hand, or tell them to call the 8 ball. Those are not considered a coach.



1. Eight ball (call pocket on 8 ball only). Kisses, caroms, or number of rails are not called on any shot, including the 8 ball. When shooting the 8 ball, you must call the pocket that you are playing the 8 ball in. Make sure to get acknowledgement from other shooter or team first.

2. The 8 ball may not be made on the same shot with a player’s own object ball.

3. Failure to hit the 8 ball is a foul, not a loss of game.

2. Entire cue ball must be behind headstring when breaking.

3. When any mixture of both groups of balls are made on the break, table is still open until a player legally pockets a ball or balls from only one group, then it is considered a closed table.

4. When table is open, all balls are neutral, including the 8 ball.

5. The 8 ball is not neutral on a closed table.

6a. After the break, on a foul, player has cue ball in hand anywhere on table.

Exception: When player scratches on break, next shot is behind the headstring.

6b. Base of object ball must be at least 50% or more over headstring line if shooting at it from a scratch on the break with cue ball in kitchen.



1. Visiting team has line up choice of all players.

Week 1&2, everyone will be a 0 average as there is no handicap until week 3.

2. When a new player comes in after week 2, they will automatically come in as a 7 average for that one night until they establish an average after shooting once. This eliminates who gets choice of lineup on the zero and the away team has total choice of lineup like it is suppose to work. Also by doing this, it doesn’t let the other team zero out their high averages which takes away from handicap. On your lineup, write down the 7 average in blank and circle it so other team realizes it’s a new player with temporary average.

3. Visiting team should be given 30 minutes practice, before league play. (6:30 to 7:00). If they don’t show up on time to get their 30 minutes in, they lose it. Captains, use your discretion.

4. Captains; double check the other team’s handicap listed (player’s averages).

5. SUGGESTION but not required!!!  When doing the lineup, try and match good players against good players. Don’t be a chump going after the weakest player when you are the best.

(If you blatantly line up against the weakest player each week trying to pad your average, MEBL reserves the right to rule you ineligible for MVP, and give it to next highest average).
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E. HANDICAP (starts in week 3)

**Handicap is for the lower place team only. A lower team can not give a higher place team a handicap. Either the lower place team receives the handicap or there is no handicap that night. If both teams are tied in the standings, there is no handicap either.  This prevents any accusations of “sandbagging” and is what captains have expressed in surveys.

1. The first 2 weeks are scratch (heads up). No handicap in week 1 or 2.

2. After a player’s first week of play, they will have a game average by dividing their total points made by three. After that, it will be total points made, divided by the total number of games played. (This will be rounded off to the nearest whole number.)

3. The minimum average a player can hold is a 3 average for handicap. A players average is still computed the same way by dividing total points by times played by 3 games. If their average divides out to be a 0, 1, or 2, they will be a 3 for handicap purposes.

4. A player’s average is not counted when matched against a blind.

5. Total score can not exceed a perfect score of 135 points because of handicap. Go ahead and write down the total score with handicap added to it regardless of what it is and MEBL will adjust the handicap if needed so score does not exceed the 135 max.

6. To determine the team handicap, add the five player’s averages that are playing that night on each team. The difference times 3 will be given to the lower average team.

For all “A” division teams only:

6b.(A div. only) If the lower place team you are playing is 50 balls or more behind you in the standings, they will receive double handicap. B, C, or D divisions always stay at the normal handicap stated in F5 above as they can move up or down a division the next session to compensate for skill level. The best in A have no where else to move up to so this rule was necessary to implement to avoid “starring” players or having a max handicap you would be allowed to shoot. (A div. only)



1. A match is forfeited when a team does not have at least 4 players to play by 7:30 p.m. (Match should start at 7:00 p.m.) unless agreed on by both captains. If a team does not have lineup filled out and ready to play the 1st match by 7:10pm, opposing team can request a

-10 point penalty for starting late. Teams are tired of same captains not getting there or starting on time. (They must call or text MEBL to verify time and situation before we enforce penalty.)

2. A team forfeiting twice is dropped from the league with no compensation.

3. Any team forfeiting in either of the last 2 weeks of the session forfeits out completely, even if it is their first forfeit. Any team that forfeits on the 1st week, it is MEBL’s decision to forfeit them out or not if there is a bye already in that division and can eliminate the bye by doing so.

4. Forfeits are a loss, 0 points.  Opposing team gets 110 points for forfeit or bye.

5. If a player is late, or leaves, they will forfeit each game absent, unless agreed to by each team captain before the match begins. (In case of emergency, team captains decide or call MEBL to make a ruling or offer suggestions captains can use).

6. A player matched with a blind gets 9 points per game, (27-0 for night). This is for the team score only, and will not affect that player’s average or TP.  The blind gets 0 points per game.

7. We do not pay in money for a scheduled bye, only blinds. Blinds or forfeits not paid for that night but will be subtracted from the team’s payback at the end of the season.



1. To qualify for a 9-0 run, two things must apply: It must be either players 1st shot and the table must be open before shooting. (Open table means neither player has established a group of balls). For a run, score keeper puts 9 with X over top of it in scoring blank and writes RUN with players name at bottom of sheet.

2. Player shooting 8 in on break shot without a foul is scored 9-0. Write 9 in scoring blank and circle it along with writing players name and 8OB at bottom of score sheet. If player has 8 on break with a foul, he loses 0-9.
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1. Each player gets 1 point for each ball made of their group, and 2 points for the 8 ball. If you make an opponents ball, you have made a point for them. (Exception: Runs or 8 on break are automatic 9 points to 0.)

2. The four point penalty rule: If a player scratches when shooting the 8 ball, makes it in the wrong pocket, or knocks it in in the middle of the game they lose 4 points off the points they have already made. (If you are shooting the 8 ball and scratch or knock it in the wrong pocket, you lose 3-9, you don’t get credit for pocketing the 8 in this case). Their opponent gets an automatic 9 points.

3. If the 8 ball is made by a player before their group of balls are all made, the 4 point penalty rule applies.

4. The winner of any game is scored as a 9 regardless of how they won unless a special ruling has been made by MEBL if certain circumstances arise due to conduct or emergencies.


I. LOSS OF GAME (*4 point penalty applies)

1. *Knocking the 8 ball off the table at any time during the game.

2. *Pocketing the 8 ball before your own group of balls are made, by any means.

3. *Failure to call the pocket that you are shooting the 8 ball in. (If 8 ball falls).

4. *Pocketing the 8 ball in the wrong pocket.

5. *Scratch while shooting the 8 ball.

6. *Knocking the 8 ball, or cue ball, off the table while shooting at the 8 ball.

7. *Pocketing the 8 ball, with a foul. Do not stop the cue ball!

8. *Purposely stopping the 8 ball or cue ball from falling with hand or stick.

9.*Do not “concede” game by dropping 8 ball with hand or stick, other team could call the 4 point penalty on you if they choose to. It’s tacky, but you made the 8 fall without a legal shot.

10. *MEBL has the right to give any player a zero for any game if we feel it was played unfairly, deceptively, or with extreme unsportsmanlike conduct. This may happen on the spot or be changed the next day when we get the facts.



1. Touching or moving the cue ball in any manner. (With stick, hands, clothing, etc.) Also, when placing the cue ball on any ball in hand shot, your hand is considered part of the cue ball. So if you bump or move a ball with the hand the cue ball is in, yes it is a foul.

2. Scratching or knocking the cue ball off the table.

3. Any ball that is knocked off the table will get spotted and it is a foul. If it is the 8 ball knocked off table, it is a loss.

4. Masse shots ok, but no jump shots allowed. Some bars prohibit it due to possible table damage.

5. Failure to hit one of your own balls first, when shooting.

6. Failure to drive a ball to a rail after contact with your object ball.

7. Fouls can be called by anyone on the opposing team’s roster but they must be called when it happens, not after game is over. Don’t argue about something that happened 3 games ago.

8. Penalties for fouls-opponent can place cue ball anywhere on the table.

**When you have ball in hand, you must place the cue ball with your hand only. If you bump it or move it in any way with your stick once it’s on the table prior to your actual shot, it is a foul. The ONLY time you can move the cue ball with your stick is on the breaking shot only.

9. If it is a simultaneous hit of two balls and neither team can honestly tell which ball was hit first, the tie will go to the offensive shooter like in any other sport.

10. It is the SHOOTER’s responsibility to verify a ball is not froze to rail to opponent BEFORE they shoot a “soft tap” safety on that ball. Verify it before you shoot so it’s not an argument after.



1. Occasionally the 8 ball may lodge in a position where it may fall in if either player shoots near it or both players refuse to break it out after numerous shots. If both players or captains agree, you can call game a stalemate and may rerack and play game over. A tournament director can make the same call.

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1. If shooter knocks any ball off table, it is spotted and it is a foul. It is a loss if the 8 ball is knocked off the table.

2. If shooter accidently knocks in a ball with hand or stick that is not related to the actual shot made with the cue ball, opponent has the option to spot that ball to the same position it sat at prior to opponents mishap, or leave it pocketed. This is not a foul unless it is the cue ball or the eight ball.

3. On a rare occasion, a ball may stop at the edge of a pocket and not fall in. If it falls in later by itself without being hit by another ball or player while match is going on, it will be spotted as closely as possible to original position at edge of pocket.



1. If while shooting, a player touches or moves any object balls with their hand, clothing, etc., the opponent has the option to leave ball, or balls where they stop, or replace to original position. (This is not a foul. Player continues shooting)

2. Stopping or touching any ball, set in motion, with stick or hands is a foul. Penalties apply.

3. If an object ball stops on the edge of a pocket momentarily, then falls in without outside interference, it stays pocketed. (Call if special circumstances arise!)

4. If a ball falls in a pocket because of outside interference, it will be a foul. (Stomping of feet, bumping the table, etc.) (4 pt penalty may apply if on the 8 ball).



A match may be protested by writing “PROTEST” on the scoresheet where it reads: “Teams captains signature”, before the last game ends. The match must be completed even if being protested. If both captains sign both scoresheets, the match will be considered correct. Regardless of protesting, money and sheets for both teams still will be turned in like usual.



1. Cost is $7 per player ($35 per team) per night.

2. All team captains should be in charge of their team’s money. The visiting team captain is in charge of both teams money at the end of the evening. Do not depend on other people to turn the money and sheets in. This is the away team’s responsibility for the night.

3. Visiting team captain is in charge of both team’s money, and score sheets, to be turned in at one of the drop off places by no later than 11am the next day (10:30am for Bridge Inn or Trackside dropoffs). Failure to get it there on time will result in a 10 point penalty for the visiting team that is responsible of the drop off and a $5 late fee penalty for us having to do a 2nd pick up for your one sheet. This will be strictly enforced. Sheets not turned in on time hold up the stats getting done for that entire division. MEBL has drop offs in Alton, Wood River, & Granite, Collinsville, Caseyville; we can’t make 2 trips for 1 sheet! In this case, we usually don’t call you but give both teams a temporary score of 110 until we get the sheet on next pickup. If money is more than a week late, MEBL reserves the right to suspend your team.

4. For those teams that are constantly short part of their teams money at drop off, they will be charged a $5 accounting fee each time short. MEBL was very reluctant to do this, but some are taking advantage of it and it creates accountability issues and time to log this in. Bottomline, if you don’t have $7 to shoot, find another player, we are not a bank or PayDay Loan business.

5. Special times of having money in the same night after play may be listed for any week at bottom of sheets due to a vacation or holiday schedule. 10 pt penalty will apply here also.

6. Both teams money must be turned in weekly at the same time as the sheets. This will be enforced, with no more exceptions. We’ve been easy too long and been taken advantage of.

7. Byes and blinds will be deducted from the team’s payback at the end of the season.
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1. Position week explanation: Winter always has 24 even weeks but summer league may have an odd week scheduled. Ex: If there is a 17 wk session and you see “Position Week” listed on your schedule for week 17 it is a normal week of play with handicap. Wk 17 schedule will be 2nd@1st, 4th@3rd, etc…

2. After the last week, it takes approximately 4 weeks to get all trophies ordered and done and to have the financial paperwork prepared. See page 7 for trophy eligibility and options.

3. Each team’s payout will be given by check to that team’s captain. It is the team’s captain’s responsibility to split up their team’s payback and give it to them.

4. If no one from that team picks up the trophies or check for that team at the banquet or trophy presentation, that team’s trophies will be dropped off at their bar and the check will be mailed to the last address given to us by the captain at our convenience.

5. TIEBREAKER: After last week is played, if 2 teams are tied in placing positions (1st-3rd), they will have a playoff game without handicap if they can agree to it. If 3 or more teams are tied for placing position, there will be no playoff game. MEBL will review the total balls received in handicap during the season. The team that received the least amount of handicap balls will get the higher place. Any ties from 4th or lower do not playoff either.



Coed must shoot the 3-2 ratio of men/women either way. In the past we use to allow teams to shoot 4 guys or 4 girls and take a 10 point penalty, but not anymore. Other teams have expressed that they play by the rules so opposing team must too as they knew it was a COED league when they signed up their team. You will now have to “Shoot a blind” if you don’t have the 3-2 ratio of players and not be allowed to shoot 4 guys or 4 girls in the same night.



1. There are 3 board members in MEBL’s leagues. Board members have nothing to do with the everyday operations or any of the financials of the league so please don’t call them with any problems, call MEBL.  They are for MEBL to get an unbiased second opinion on rulings or situations during the season if needed, along with discussing possible changes and/or wording in the rules for the following year or asking them about player/teams skill level when placing them into divisions. If a board member is present during any MEBL match or tournament, they can determine any sportsmanship violations or the need to call a game if the overall conduct of a player or team is that unruly.

S. Trophy information and options:

1. Beginning in 2015 summer league, we stopped doing automatic trophies for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams as 66% of them were declining them anyway and wanted higher payouts instead of trophies. See below for trophy details as MEBL still provides the most runs, 8’s on break, MVP’s, and 1st place bar plaque.

2. 1st PLACE BAR PLAQUE: It has all the players names on it and is awarded to the bar.

3. MOST RUNS: (1 per division) The player with the most runs receives the most runs trophy. He/she must have the most. If there are multiple players tied for lead, there is no trophy.

4. MOST 8’s ON BREAK: (1 per division) The player with the most 8OB receives the most 8OB trophy. He/she must have the most. If there are multiple players tied for lead, there is no trophy.

5. MVP: The player with the highest average with the minimum times played to qualify receives this trophy. Minimum TP is according to season length. We try and have it around 70% of total times available to play (+/- 2%). For example: 24 wk session would be 17TP to qualify (71%) for winter leagues and 13TP minimum for shorter 18 wk summer sessions to qualify (72 %)

If it is a COED league, it will be 2 MVP’s (1 for highest female avg and 1 for highest male avg)

6. PLAYER TROPHIES: Even though the majority doesn’t want individual trophies anymore and we are not providing them, we can order you whatever trophy you want for any player or team at cost. This cost will be rounded up or down to the nearest even dollar and be subtracted from your team payback.

7. DECLINED TROPHIES: If any player wishes to decline their run, 8onbreak, or MVP trophy; MEBL will give your team a $25 cash credit to your team payout. Why buy it if the player doesn’t want it. We have no problem just giving you the cash for it instead. It’s your choice.
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T. TOURNAMENTS: (**new update 9-1-18)

1. MEBL now does a 30% match to all OPEN singles & OPEN partner tournaments that everyone is eligible to enter. We used to only match 20% to all tournaments, but players thought that was unfair to be excluded from match if they were ineligible to enter a new winner tourney or valentine tourney so those tournies will be unmatched. It will work out to MEBL matching more money overall with the 30% match.

2. On open singles tournies there will be a “Top Female” finishing position paid if no woman reaches the traditional payout and there are a minimum of 5 females that enter that tournament. We no longer offer a separate womens tournament due to lack of participation so all singles tournies are OPEN events now.

3. All tournaments ran by MEBL are a $10 entry unless posted otherwise. If it is a COED scotch doubles tourney, it is still a total of $10 entry ($5 ea player).

4. MEBL has monthly tournaments. For all regular tournaments, there are no early sign ups, first come, first serve. If the host location has 2 tables there, we max out at 32 max; if 3 tables max is 48; if 4 tables 64 max.

5. Season Ending tournaments: These tournaments have been moved back to March each year even though there may be a few weeks left in the session. This makes the transition from winter to summer league easier and increases turnouts as some move on to other hobbies after winter league has finished.

6. Special Valentine Day Tourney: It is $30 a couple that includes a catered dinner, DJ, props, and coed scotch doubles tourney. This is the only tourney we opened up eligibility on to include true couples and spouses to play with one another and have a fun evening out with dinner, tournament, music, etc…

7. Unless listed otherwise, to enter any MEBL tournament, you must be on an active current team roster currently playing in that session.



1. Tournament win limits: A player is limited to 2 tournament wins per winter session whether it be any combination of singles winner or couples winner. After 2 wins, they can not enter any MEBL tournament the remainder of that season but will be eligible again on the next session.

2. Couples tournaments remain the same. Once you become a 3 time coed scotch doubles winner, you can not enter tournament with any other 3 time couples winner as your partner. This rule has already been in effect for several years but just wasn’t listed in rulebook.

3. New Winner tournament is just what it says. This is an open singles tournament for all MEBL players who have never won any singles our couples tournament in MEBL.



MEBL has over 170 teams with all 5 leagues combined. Quick information or reminders are sometimes sent out to all players by a simple text to your cell phones or use of Facebook. It is impossible to call over 170 captains in a short period of time and it is the fastest most efficient way to get you the updated information you may need during your night of play. Most of the time a “general note” is sent to all players in that league or division or whichever group that the note applies to, so don’t take it as you were the only one that received it.



1. Captains:  It is important to call us when you have an address or phone number changed. We need two player’s number for each team at all times. If something isn’t right on the sheet or money isn’t right and we don’t have your contact information right or updated, all we can do is take the other team’s word.




Like Metro East Billiard League on Facebook to view tournament results, player pictures, and last minute updates. We keep our website updated on standings and all important calendar dates but rarely post tournament results or picture on there.
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Metro East Billiard League runs multiple leagues on different nights.    
Please write on the outside of the dropoff envelope: Both teams, league, division,  
and week # for easier sorting. Here are the 2 examples to choose from:    
(It's much easier to turn in the same night but you aren't late until 11am next day)  
NOTE: A special drop off time may be listed at bottom of sheet if that week's  
play is connected with a vacation, bye week, or holiday schedule.      
Monday night Men's:     Wed night Metro        
(Must be in by 11am Tue)     (Must be in by 11am Thurs)      
    B Men's       C Metro        
    week 3       week 5        
  Village Inn 2       Riverbend 1      
  at         at        
  Ken's Lounge 3       WR Eagles 2      
  Drop off bars for all leagues are:          
1 Hooch & Sixteen's: 1511 Pontoon Rd, Granite City, IL  
2 Ken's Lounge: 1539 20th Street, Granite City, IL    
3 Town Club: 2400 Broadway, Alton, IL        
4 Corner Bar: 2 W. Ferguson Ave, Wood River, IL    
5 **Bridge Inn: 519 N. Main St., Caseyville, IL      
6 **Trackside: 100 Joe St., Collinsville, IL        
** Bridge Inn & Trackside pickup deadline is at 10:30am instead of 11am like the rest  
Here is a sample payout of how to divide up your team money.  
    Name   TP Payout Rounded        
    Steve   14  $   105.00  $    105        
    Tammy   15  $   112.50  $    113        
    Shane   19  $   142.50  $    143        
    Shelley   18  $   135.00  $    135        
    Larry   17  $   127.50  $    128        
    Michelle   11  $      82.50  $       83        
    Roger   10  $      75.00  $       75        
    Noel   8  $      60.00  $       60        
    Gina   7  $      52.50  $       53        
    John   1  $        7.50  $         8        
        120  $   900.00  $    900        
  Team money was: $900            
  Divided by TP:   120            
  Amount per TP:   $7.50