Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982
Monday A Co-Ed North
Monday B Co-Ed North
Monday A Mens
Monday B Mens
Monday C Mens
Monday D Mens
Tuesday A Womens
Tuesday B Womens
Wednesday A Co-Ed South
Wednesday B Co-Ed South
Wednesday C Co-Ed South
Wednesday D Co-Ed South
Wednesday A Metro
Wednesday B Metro
Wednesday C Metro
Tuesday B Womens

5-2-18: Eddie's 3 forfeited out on 1st night. El Gato will jump in and take their place on schedule on week 2 and forward. We gave Kopp's vs El Gato bye points of 110 for week 1. Hopefully they can get together and make up week 1 in the near future and we'll swap out the bye points for the actual points scored when played. There is no change in schedule as all you need to do is cross out Eddie's 3 and write in El Gato on team 9.