Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982
Monday A Co-Ed North
Monday B Co-Ed North
Monday A Mens
Monday B Mens
Monday C Mens
Monday D Mens
Tuesday A Womens
Tuesday B Womens
Wednesday A Co-Ed South
Wednesday B Co-Ed South
Wednesday C Co-Ed South
Wednesday D Co-Ed South
Wednesday A Metro
Wednesday B Metro
Wednesday C Metro
Monday C Mens

5-2-18: Kramden's has closed. Kramden's 2 (Pyatt) has moved his team to Imperial Pub 2. NO CHANGE in schedule, just cross off Kramden's 2 and write in Imperial Pub 2 on team 9.
The same goes for Cloverleaf closing: Just cross off Cloverleaf (Hand) and write in Ken's 2 on team 10.
I reposted a new copy incase someone wants to print out a new one without scratchouts.