Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

Welcome to the official Metro East Billiard League website! Feel free to browse the respective divisions to see our teams and standings. 

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Website last updated: 7-12-18 @ 9:00pm

Last week to add new players is week 10, which is:
July 16th for Mondays
July 10th for Tuesdays
July 11th for Wednesdays

5-31-18: B Mens: McGee's has forfeited out. This now becomes a bye.

5-1-18: Kramden's & Cloverleaf have closed. Schedules haven't changed, but you'll need to cross off Kramden's or Cloverleaf
and write in new bar they are moving to. Also, Eddie's 3 in B Women has forfeited out, but El Gato has put together a last
minute team to fill spot. As of now, here are the changes:

A Men team 10 (Teague): Cross out Kramden's 1 and write in Polish Hall (schedule updated 5-1-18)
B Men team 9 (Ken's-Bays): Simple, just make Ken's as Ken's 1 (schedule updated 5-2-18)
B Men team 10 (Imperial Pub-Messinger): Simple, just make Imperial Pub as Imperial Pub 1 (schedule updated 5-2-18)
C Men team 9 (Kramden's 2-Pyatt): Cross out Kramden's 2 and write in Imperial Pub 2 (schedule updated 5-2-18)
C Men team 10 (Cloverleaf-Hand): Cross out Cloverleaf and write in Ken's 2 (schedule updated 5-2-18)
B Women team 4 (Cloverleaf-Wimberly): Cross out Cloverleaf and write in Imperial Pub (schedule updated 5-2-18)
B Women team 9 (Eddie's 3-Hendon): Team forfeited out but El Gato is going to take that spot on schedule with a last minute
team. Just cross out Eddie's 3 and write in El Gato.

You can just do the quick cross out changes or you're welcome to print out a new schedule if you don't like scratch outs as I updated
the changes in A,B,C Mens and in B Women schedules.