Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

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MEBL News:

7-27-15: MEBL Winter league sign up fliers will be out next week (Aug 3-5). The deadline for turning in winter league rosters into an MEBL drop box is Sept 2nd. Winter league starts Sept 28-30. We are only going 24 weeks this winter instead of 26 as several players have requested they would like winter session to end around April 1st.

i7-20-15: Frawley's has closed. They will re-open by new owner but don't know what date. After being closed for a week and a half,
the teams have chose to move elsewhere. Here is where they have moved to:
Mon B Mens (Brummond) moved his team to AmVets in Tanktown (5100 Lakeview)
Wed A South (Jaycox) moved team to Eddie's 3
Wed A South (Deaton) moved team to Hooch & Sixteen's 2
Wed B South (Hendon) moved team to Eddies 4
Wed B South (Brummond) moved team to AmVets
Some of these teams have already made arrangements to play elsewhere this week only but will make the official move on week 12 (July 27-29).
There is no change of schedule, just cross out Frawleys and write in the correct bar in it's place as listed above.
**Also, A Mens (Perry) moved his KC Hall team to Eddie's 3.

5-21-15: The Calendar & Tournament links have been updated to include all of 2015 summer & 2015-16 winter session events.

5-19-15: We've done different colored paper for the sheets for several years to identify each different night of league. By request, we are now uploading all nights on white paper only to make it easier for our players to print without having to switch printer settings to black and white.