Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

Welcome to the official Metro East Billiard League website! Feel free to browse the respective divisions to see our teams and standings. 

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Website last updated: 9-19-17 @ 8:00 pm

2017-18 winter schedules are now uploaded here. Winter Captain packet/trophy/summer checks are given out at:
Wood River Eagles on Wed Sept 20th 6-8pm
Village Inn on Thur Sept 21st 6-7pm

We ended up being odd on Mon B Coed North, Mon C Mens, & Wed C Metro. We almost had them all even but 2 teams called in on last few days telling us their team fell apart. If a proper level skill team can fill one of these byes that doesn't alter the schedule before week 1 is played, please call in ASAP and we'll see what we can do.

Each captain packet will have 6 team schedules in it so you don't have to try and print them off here unless you want to.

We reformatted the score sheets for this year and made an error. There are still the same 5 players shooting, NOT 6. See sample below on details.