Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

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Website last updated: 10-21-16 @ 7:30pm

10-21-16: We are playing on Halloween (Mon Oct 31st). If you need to reschedule, you can play this game earlier if needed on Thurs 27th,
Fri 28th, Sat 29th, or Sun 30th if you have several team members with Halloween plans. As long as other team agrees to a different date
or time, we are good with any reschedule. Just call us to tell us if you have arranged a reschedule.

10-11-16: On another note, a player asked us what it takes to switch captains if team is unhappy with who's in charge. For us to do that, we need
one of two things: 1) The bar owner/manager call us and tell us to switch captains, OR 2) We need a majority of the team call/text/email/
private message, whatever tell us they want to switch who is captain. We don't need to know the team drama of it, just a team vote.

10-13-16: Your scoresheets and money are due to be turned in by 11am the next day after playing. We'd prefer you turn in the same night but
they are not late til 11:01am next day. If you are playing far out of town not near a drop box, call us and we will work with you.
If you are just blatently late, no call, or nothing else....we just log in a temporary score of 110 for both teams and impose a -10 point
penalty on late team so we can get sheets done. Then hopefully, if there on next pickup, we'll put in actual scores the next week.

10-11-16: Monday Mens: All schedules have been re-adjusted since the original captain packet pickup. Be sure you are using the
updated schedule that is posted on this site.