Metro East Billiard League
Established in 1982

Welcome to the official Metro East Billiard League website! Feel free to browse the respective divisions to see our teams and standings. 

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Special notes for last week:  Get Your Winter rosters in ASAP by Sept 1st pickup.
Mondays: There were an even 16 weeks for Mondays, so week 16 was already on your original schedule
Tues & Wed: There were an odd 17 weeks of league. You got 8 home/8 away scheduled. Week 17 is a normal week of league play but
instead of me choosing who gets the extra home game, I do it by position week (2nd@1st, 4th@3rd, and so on). Same league rules and
handicap on this week.

Winter league sign up rosters are out to all the bars. Fill out your roster and turn into a MEBL drop box by Sept 1st
to get your team in for winter league. There are extra fliers hanging on drop boxes also. There is also a scanned
roster uploaded to here at bottom of this page.

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